Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Review: Goon

My next review is for Sean William Scott's new movie "Goon", which is I think they say is based on a true story about a guy named Doug Glatt who plays for Hockey but while he can't actually play, his fists are what gets him on the team. Anyway I think for this review I'll keep it short and say that the movie is kind of boring in parts, funny a little bit and I think all together as the main character is, a bit clueless. Some of it's sweet and Sean William Scott delivers a descent performance, and the violence is well shot like in "300", but it kind of over does it on the whole rule that now comedy mentions the "F" alot, it's like a rule implying that it has to be overdone. I'm not saying this is a bad film it's just a little... well as I said before clueless as to what it's meant to be, comedy, drama or... what really I don't know. Definitely is a sports movie though and I'm gonna give "Goon" a descent;


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