Monday, 13 February 2012

Review: The Woman in Black

Next review is for "The Woman in Black", the terrifying ghost story based on the novel by Susan Hill and the stage play which scared the hell out of me and starring Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Arthur Kipps, a young lawyer from London travelling to the countryside of England to sell a deserted house. As he gets there he realises a chilling history and something which has haunted the local village. So as from a line in the trailer above, Arthur won't find a local buyer. The film I thought was very well done, very scary and Daniel Radcliffe, after being in those series of films, which I can't I... don't really remember the name of, has shown that he can do different pieces of acting and really serious mature acting once again. While I didn't think it was as scary as the play, it's beautifully filmed and will make you jump in some places and might make you feel a little scared to be alone when you come home from the cinema. I'm pleased to give "The Woman in Black";

4/5-Very Good

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