Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Review: Man on a Ledge

My next review of February is for the new action thriller set-piece "Man on a Ledge". Sam Worthington plays Nick Cassidy, a former cop arrested for being accused of stealing a $40,000,000 diamond from a guy named David Englander, played by Ed Harris. Nick escapes from police custody and heads to New York where to prove his innocence, stands outside on ledge to the Roosevelt Hotel while his brother and his brother's girlfriend steal the diamond, and the rest if you wanna know, see the film to find out what Nick's got in mind. Anyway that being said, the movie although it's no masterpiece is still enjoyable but at times pretty silly, it kind of reminded me of "Phone Booth" it being a centre-piece in Manhattan but with a few different things. Also if you wanna see the incredibly gorgeous Genesis Rodriguez in her bra at one point, then trust me it will be worth the money. Kind of. Anyway I'd give "Man on a Ledge" a decent and good fun;


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