Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Review: The Descendants

Hey guys, welcome to February of 2012, and to kick it off I have another review and this is for George Clooney's new film and what won him the Golden Globe this year for best actor in a drama, "The Descendants". Clooney plays Matt King, a man along with his family live in Hawaii where he learns that after his wife has a boat accident and is in a coma, it will be unlikely that she will wake up from it. With Matt and his two daughters realising a tragic loss they have to go through, he learns that his wife was keeping a very big secret from him and one that they test the fact on whether or not he will always love her. The film is just absolutely brilliant, the script is superb, smart, witty and sad at the same time and I think by far this is Clooney's best performance. He does what he does best as an actor he portrays emotion brilliantly and knows when to be funny in a scene, and I could easily tell that this role was made for him. I would absolutely recommend this lovely, lovely film to all people I know whether you're a George Clooney fan or not. I proudly give "The Descendants";


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